Saturday, 17 December 2016

Change in the wind - new to Malifaux/Infinity

With all of the changes over the last year, along with the high number of different game systems my normal opponents at Wil's garage and I feel that we need to change it.

We found out that over the year we have played 10+ different game systems. This is way to many as none of us feel that we don't have the in-depth knowledge of any one/two systems.

So change was needed and with a meeting of the minds we have come up with a different change.

What we are doing is focusing on 2 main systems:

  • Malifaux 
  • Infinity
These 2 were selected as they are both short games, with a lower buy in cost then most other games. 

Since these 2 have been selected everything has selected different crews/factions from both Malifaux and infinity. I ended up with the Yu Jing from Infinity and Ten Thuders from Malifaux. 

So prepare for new things for both to come once more models arrive these will be pictures of the army development, battle reports (Kind of), any new things that arrive. 

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