Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Warpstorm 40k Event

Recently I have attended the Warpstorm event here in Wellington. Originally I was not able to attend both days, which change so I put forward to be a bye buster. Due to people pulling out I was able to step up and play both days. 

I took what I deemed to be a fun-ish style list of Sisters, containing:

4 x 9 Sisters each with rhinos
2 x 5 dominion's with 2 melta guns each with a immolator with melta
3 x  Exorcists

The list worked like I expected with sisters just sitting on objectives. But killing things would be more difficult then I thought it would be.

First game against Cameron and a Vehicle heavy guard army.
Lucky for me I rolled the infiltrating perk to allowing me to close the gap quicker. I sat rhino's in the face of all of the vehicles and then due to a scatter Cameron did more damage to his own army then to mine.  
As things were not going Cameron's way his Knight cut through the building to attempt to help out on the side that is falling apart. To which I did face his knight with mine, I managed to take off one wound before charging. 

After a few rounds of combat my knight lived, nearly getting removed by the explosion that it just faced by the other knight.

This round ended in a 20 - 0 win for the sisters.

Round 2 was a kill point game against Glen with Deamons.
I didn't think that this would be an easy game as I couldn't deal with most of the stuff on the board.

I was able to get the knight across the board into the unit with the most kill points, however, this took to long to kill one unit which allowed the rest of Glen's army to kill most of my army. 

At the end of the game I was happy to be able to get 6 points from the game.

Next game was against Dave and his grav army. My only hope was to stop Dave from scoring points, which as it was a mission that you got card up to the number of objectives that was held it was quite able to be done. 

So that is what I did and by the end of the game even though I had nearly nothing left thanks to all of the grav I won the game. Giving me 13-7 even though all I killed was a centurion unit.

Next game was against Bryn and a combi-melta marine drop pod list..... oh yay me with tanks. So with no battle plan I sat on objectives and hope for some great cards.  

This was not meant to be as everything was nearly shot off with me not killing much at all.

This was't a big loss though as I got 8 points out of the game which was much more then I thought I would get.

Last game was against Shane as his Eldar. Everything was faster then me with better saves, longer range and better in combat. The game went exactly how I thought it would with most of my army being removed. 

And that is exactly what had occurred.

By the end of the game I was left with the Cannoness, a rhino and a squad of sisters they are on scoring objectives allowing me for a 11 - 9 win.

That was enough to put me into 7th place which was way more then I expected as all apart from one of my games I was nearly tabled. 
Further to this I got best sport probably due to this. 

Thanks guys for the games.

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