Saturday, 15 October 2016

Change in the wind

With my studies coming to a close I have been thinking of what I will be doing in the near future?

What I have been thinking of playing:

  • 9th Age - This is the continuation of Warhammer fantasy as a mass ranked system. I gave this a while before coming over, as the team writing the changes took some time to make sure they are happy with them. So I will like to give it a try.
  • 40k - I am not to sure if I will play much in the way of 40k, it will be a game I play when people request (practice for an event). It just doesn't do it for my as an event game.
  • KOW - As far as I see the KOW games in Wellington in slowly coming to a close, due to a few different reasons. In my opinion it is a good tournament game and I will probably play a few outside of Wellington region. 
  • Infinity - This is a small skirmish sci-fi game that I will be looking at continuing with, I have just bought and starting to paint a Yu Jing force. I have been finding that it is a game that fills the sci-fi thrill that I have been seeking and is quite easy to pick up.
  • Frostgrave - Will has acquired this for use to start playing this may take over Mordhiem as the skirmish role playing game that we play.
  • 8th Fantasy - DEAD.... Kind of. I might play a few more games 

Now with more time up my selves them ever before, please let me know if anyone would like to play a game. I am free most days until February all you have to do is contact me.

This will also give me time for more posts. I might try to do some catch up posts with things missed.

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