Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Blood in the Bad Lands - Season One Finished

At the end of the season Ryan arranged a siege battle, with some twists. From the campaign we had 8 players and 4 different missions. To start we had three missions that took play in the morning that leftovers from those missions feeding into the siege.

The way these were set up was that each player had 2000 points on the table at the start and 500 point side board that would come on at different times.

Nathan (Dwarfs)
Wil (Tomb Kings)
 Adam (Dwarfs)
Gareth (Ogres)

Rob (Orcs)
Ryan (Vampire Counts)
Sass (Ogres)
Greg (Dark Elves)

I will not do a full battle report for each game, just a brief description. There will be lots of photos for the siege.

Sabotage Mission - This mission had Wil's Tomb Kings trying to come up through a cave to sabotage the attacking force. On the way out of the cave Ryan's Vampire Counts were there to stop them. In the mouth of the cave there were many trolls and squigs lingering around.

The Tomb Kings had their full force available to bring to bear on the Vampires.

At the end of the mission the Vampire Lord was taken into a whole in the warp, this lead as a big loss for the attackers as it only left the 500 point side board for the vampires for the Siege. Where the tomb Kings most of the shooting left. The bonus that the defenders gained was in the siege it has the chance to remove some war machines.

Flank Assault Mission - Sass (Ogres) and Adam (Dwarfs). To be able to stop the reinforcement of the castle there was a flank assault. This was a watchtower style mission which I believe Sass won. (Not many photos were taken)  

Breakthrough mission - Gareth (Ogres) Vs Greg's (Dark Elves). This was an underground assault that had the dark elves trying to break through the Ogres to help damage the castle. However, when the two armies collided there were many trolls and slayers in between. This really helped the Dark Elves as it meant that they could better pick the fights they wanted. 

 The Siege - This started with Rob (Orcs) attacking Nathan (Dwarfs). Turn 2 on wards the left overs from the other games would come on and reinforce their sides. The aim was to have the side board for the defender to attempt to come through the gate as this would deem the defenders to win.

In the end the outside dwarf unit managed to slingshot their way from fleeing and over running into the destroyed gate area, which meant the defenders had won.

It was a great day of gaming and the BBQ was fantastic. 

With season one down we will take a break before continuing with a second one as we will have to transition to 9th age. 

Special thanks to:
Host Wil
Organizer Ryan

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