Monday, 8 August 2016

Call to arms 2016 Results

With call to arms being finished I just wanted to quickly write up what happened.

You will find some pictures of the best looking armies HERE over at Stumpy Heaven.

So going into this event I was thinking I would loose every game not only due to my lack of knowledge in the game system but also my list building. As I have been told my list is not the best and can't be relied on.

With this in mind I just followed the mission to the best of my ability even though I am sure that I missed things and did things wrong. If I did I can only apologize to my opponents....SORRY!!!

Everyone I played against was great and I didn't hear of any complaints through out the event. Craig did a great job of standing up to run it.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures through the event as I wanted to make sure to finish all of my games which was no problems, most of the time being one of the first to finish. Now just to point out that the system we used to determine battle points was.

Each game is worth up to 20 points, made up of:
- Win = 15 points
- Draw = 10 points
- Loss = 5 points
- First Blood = 1 point
- Slay the Warlord = 3 points
- Line breaker = 1 points

However, it was nearly impossible to draw against you opponent so it was other a win/loss game. The missions list can be found HERE

Eldar first up with Warp spiders and D template vehicles

Mission 1 - What was that???

This is a tactical mission with a plane crash with the crater of the plane crash being worth 8 VP, I was doing really well with the tactical cards and got a lot of points from it. However, I got extremely lucky for the game to end turn five after having hive guard shoot down one of the 3 vehicles which happened to be the only one within the objective range. This gave me the win and got fortune to get all 20 points.

This however lead me to the top tables where next I versed a 5 tide list.

Mission 2 - wrath of Shelse

The only hope I had was if I got first turn and have big runs for the "native population's". NO is the answer. Before I had a turn I had lost most of my army managed to hold off to turn 3 and got his Warlord before promptly getting tabled. This gave me 8 battle points.

Necrons with non killable wraith unit

Mission 3 - The Vitria Strike

This being a tactical objective I felt I could do something if I got lucky with the draw of the tactical cards. Oh My God.... Yes I was I got 20 points from the tactical cards by the end of the game, however, this was no real thanks to me as the Necron's warlord and his unit decided to vault to a different part of the table only to never show up again.
My opponent did really well to claw back with what he did but the missing warlord happened turn one, was just not quite enough. Leading me into getting a 2nd 20.

END OF DAY ONE.... already being way to excited as I am up there still and had no expectations other then last.

Dark Angels with a bunch of different stuff.

Mission 4 - Blood in the Red Desert
Turns out the one thing that this army does is deal with marines that have foot models really well. But this mission just made everything worse for Jake my opponent as I everything gained stealth and "Rust Devils" only affected him. Jake took it like a champ even though nothing went his way.

This gave me another 20 going into last round. Thinking that a draw would be great.... However, it was not possible in this.

I got a very similar Eldar list as my first game but with more D and a big unit of Wraith guard that I could touch.

Mission 5 - MacGyver and SG-1 team

I got so extremely lucky in this game at the start with getting first blood thanks to hive guard and claiming 3 of the team in the first turn. Then preceded to make lots of saves while running away with them. Around turn 3 everything started to change as I had to kill off MacGyver as his was about to be taken from me. I had one more fantastic run of luck coming toward the end as I pass a bunch of D hits on the Zoanthrope, however this was for naught as the last D shot took off one of the 2 tokens I held leading for a loss.

With first blood and line breaker I got 7 points. Which I felt was really well played from my opponent as if it wasn't for that last shot I would have gotten the win by 1 point. But it wasn't to be. I was left with 75 BP at the end which is much better then I thought I would be.

At the end I got 4th place which I was not expecting but I was pumped for..... THANKS to ALL.

It was also great to see 2 Tyranids in the top 5. Even though I had borrowed the army. THANKS WIL for the lend.

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