Monday, 1 August 2016

Call To Arms 2016 - 40K style

Now Now.... Yes I have turned to the dark side, even though I am enjoying my relapse into 8th. It just isn't enough to play KOW at Call To Arms. 

So I decided that I just want to have fun and support the lager of the war-gaming community. Which meant I get to play 40K.

I don't have an army ready as the Tau I have are not painted/nor will they be by game time. So I asked Wil to borrow his Tyranids as I have been told they are not really competitive and I haven't taken the strongest list. My list is:

Death Leaper
3x Zoanthropes with Neurothrope
3x Hive guards
1x Venomthrope
10x Genestealers
10x Genestealers
5x Genestealers
5x Genestealers
1x Mucolid spore cluster
1x Exocrine
1x Mawloc
1x Mawloc 

I want to have fun and the great thing will be if and it is a big IF all of my deep striking comes in on the same turn then I could have a bit of fun... But that is the start and end of the strength of the list, this list also got full comp score.

My first game has been announced against Ryan Pike and his Eldar. 

Well I have the feeling that Ryan will be the first to game to take all of my toys off. The only thing I have over Ryan is that I have 10 more comp points...

I will attempt to take photos of the event and post them later.