Friday, 1 July 2016

Second game for Blood in the bad lands Vs the attacking Ogre force

With the Ogres invading the land of the dark elves there was a incursion force that made its way to one of my forts. 

In other words Sass's Ogres are in an area that I control and my army set out. As we are playing different missions it was randomly determined on Tuesday which turned out to be "Watch tower".

Set up of the table:

As we rolled up to see who controlled the watch tower which was the dark elves, which seems to fit with the story of Ogres storming the forts around my area. However, there was minimal dark elves in there as they saw the on coming hordes of Ogres and fled only to regroup with my approaching force led by the Beast Master Turkan.

Turkan was leading a mostly shooting force while riding his Manticore and his pet hydra. He normally leads a defensive army as he protects the citadel from attack. However, this time he has been sent out to take out the Ogre's that are marching through unchecked.

There was 2 big units of Ogre's one being guts and the other being maneaters with a horde of gnoblers and a big ice mammoth to support. This was lead by Pusgut Plagueseer and a battle standard bearer.

Setup looked like the follow:

The guts went in the middle with the gnoblers and winter mammoth and right out on the left flank the maneaters with Pusgut. I loaded heavy with shooting on the other flank and left minimal units to face them as they can take a lot of my army out really quick.

Pusgut went first, pushed forward with his force but failed to cast magic. Turkan yelled and then charged straight into the mammoth that was in the middle of the table, but he was not the only one to make it. The hydra was right there beside him, shooting saw a few wounds get dished out across the army.

Then greatness occurred Turkan managed to get 2 wounds through to the Mammoth and part 3 extra attacks to the Manticore. In return 2 wounds were done to the hydra but the Manticore managed 2 wounds along with another 2 done by the hydra and the big beasty went down.(I didn't see this happening, I thought it would have taken a few turns).

 As you can see I started to block up the Maneaters with individual masters that I had floating around. Unfortunately, their overrun went 3 inches leaving plenty of time to shoot again. The Gorger did come on in my backfield meaning I have to turn around and deal with it.

So I did, the corsairs, one of the bolt throwers and magic didn't do much damage. But then a saving grace occurred with a single bolt shot from the last bolt thrower hitting, wounding and causing 3 wounds to take it down.

Did more shooting and a unit of shades charged the flank of the gnoblars, but they held on a re roll-able 5 leadership.

Maneaters took out the second master that was used to block it up and reformed to face the center as it needed to be back there and soon.

Shooting was going to take a long time to get through the unit as it is a huge unit of guts. So, a decision was made to potentially blow up my mage by casting the big version of doom bolt at the guts that are staying put in the building. Not only did I cast it without IF and rolling doubles for extra hits, it was failed to be stopped by Pusgut. In total it did 11 wounds to the guts unit with was pivotal to the wining of the game.  

Not much happened in the Ogre's turn but move up. Regen go cast on the Maneaters.

More shooting went into the building with the numbers now get really low as the bsb died and there was only the champion left and the Maneaters going in to deal with the corsairs.

I decided now is the time for Turkan to face down the unit after one more round of shooting and magic so I parked him right in front of them and charged the assassin into the building with the unit of shades. Which the assassin didn't do much as the unit is what took him down to capture the tower.

In the magic phase another dark bolt went off not only was it a low casting on 19 but only a 18 was the dispel attempt. This cause a mass death of the left over Maneaters as with shooting and this took them down only to have Pusgut to be standing their to face Turkan.

So Pusgut went in and got an extra toughness buff off. Turkan got a wound through on Pusgut to tie up combat.

He swung and missed, with most a wound came through but was managed to be saved by the vast Armour that is surrounding the manticore and Turkan.  Then with a roll of 3 extra attacks to the Manitcore nothing got through, he was just to tough. The combat was a draw!!!

Then this happened -

Then the inevitable happened with wounds getting through this time Pusgut went down.

That was the end of the battle with an outcome that I didn't think would occur, Thinking that I might have been thanks to the Maneaters just being to far away from the rest of the battle. Oh and DOOMBOLT, as damn its bent if you get high rolls and I am sure that if I didn't have it 3 extra turns minimum to do close to the same number of wounds.

Even though this fort has been protected for now there is more Ogre scourge still in the Dark elf area.

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