Sunday, 26 June 2016

Round 1 - Triumph and Treachery

 Round 1 vs Gareth and Ryan. (Sorry for blurry photos)

I was really looking forward to this game and it was a Triumph and Treachery game in the marshes of madness. So the board looks like this below:

There was a marsh river going through the middle of the board, 2 x marshes, 2 x forests and a pillar these all turned into dangerous terrain pieces with the pillar causing people to be wounded 1 easier if they are within 6 inches. However, these were rolled for during the game so they had no impact on the choices of areas. I managed to pick first and chose to go into the middle near the pillar hoping it would help with the ogres toughness.

I randomly rolled for my list and ended up with Turil and his foot army.

So deployment ended up like this:

And after vanguard, however then things turned out bad as the ogres went first.

Ogres pushed up to my right side nothing much exciting occurred. Next up was ..... Ryan..... Damn have to wait and now I am playing a reactive game.

Ryan declared 2 long charges which I held against the one on my small unit of corsairs which stand and shoot and one on my dark riders which fled.

Ryan proceeds to make the long charge into the corsairs and do a few wounds and I do some back but then I fail my leadership test and then roll a double 1 for my flee. I get a turn to only declare charges on the zombies that made it to my lines.

Shootings don't do much and I block up the ogres with the dark riders, hoping to delay them. I get a Comet in the ogres lines and now just have to wait for it to come down. However, that dame Ryan had a card for me to have to choose Gareth which means I couldn't fight against the zombies and popped out.

The cards get reshuffled and then the Ogres get to go first again, which is terrible news for me as the giant and both units went into combat with the bulls unit with tyrant going into the black guards and guts into dark riders.  

Dark riders against the giant holds, the ones against the guts die and the main combat turns into mutual destruction, What I forgot to say was that the comet comes down to which I proceed to roll only 4 inches only hitting the unit of guts, 1 inch short of the bulls (Not happy about this).

My turn came up next and re-engaged the bulls and turned the corsairs to face the undead horde knowing that even 2 units would have a hard time against it. I managed to get a IF lighting bolt off against the mornfangs. I managed to take them out but took my mage down the hole in the process. We decided to make a truce as I also lost my dark rider against the giant.

Ryan pushed up thinking to close the gap and get some points and managed to raise heaps of zombies. I managed to go first again and I declared a charge on the varghiests on the bottom side however, I rolled a double 1 and came up short forcing me to fight with the bulls again now both of us is so low in numbers. After combat now that there is only 2 bulls left and the tyrant having taken a few wounds and not many black guards left. I have 1 comet coming down in the zombie lines.

With the truce in effect Gareth changes into the zombies in the middle not much else happens with the ogres due to a low roll on the magic phase breaking concentration and a look out sir being made on the vampire.

Zombies managed to do a few wounds to the giant, which causes the bull and black guards to pop out. Ryan goes next and moves up with the varghiests to clean up a few points. Then manages to raise up heaps more zombies.

 With this a new turn comes around to which Ryan went first with the and charges into the bulls into the middle as this would a lot of points and allow him to clear up the giant. But managed to fail to get the bulls and tyrant.

I wanted to help out the bulls so I charged against the varghiests with my lord and the corsairs into the bats. I managed to fail to not only kill the varghiests but they kill me outright in return. I killed the bats and managed to get another comet in the zombies lines.

Ogres had the next turn the guts went into the zombies in the middle of the board which proceeded to get cut down. A IF fire ball on the other side completely kills off the other varghiests unit.

We decided this would be the last turn as it was getting late. Ryan went up first and I made him choose the ogres as the enemy. So not much more happened with the undead. However, I went next and Ryan did the same to me. I didn't into any combat and just moving around, both comets came down and decimated the lines of zombies but I couldn't finish them off.  

In the ogres last turn there was an utter betrayal as they stabbed me in the back even through they were already winning the game. With the guts charging into the last of the black guards to take them out. I stopped his shooting but a fireball kill all but one of my cross bows at the bottom.

Turil managed to leave the battle field with no long lasting effects. But my army did scatter causing them to head home to regroup. Ryan gets pushed back and the Ogre tyrant finds 40 pts of free magical equipment.

Looking forward to the next game board move, more details on the way.

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  1. Thanks for putting up the pics and the report. Was great to flex the old WHFB muscles again. I think my foot army is going to slink back home and defend from now.

    Also never trust Ogres!