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Samurai Vs Ratkin - Pete's new table

This was a great learning game as I am figuring out what exactly what the brotherhood does. 

Further to this we were playing on Pete's fantastic new table which look like this.

So awesome! 

On to lists:

I took the list that I posted on here before which is:

  • Devoted - Wind Blast(5), Inspiring talisman
  • Exemplar Redeemer - Boots of the seven Leagues 
  • 3 x Regiments of the Order of the brotherhood on foot with great weapons
  • 3 x Regiments of the Order of Redemption
  • Swain's Villein Rangers
  • 2 x Regiments of the Villein Bowmen - 1 x Jar of the four winds, 1 x fire-oil
Vs Pete's Ratkin list was a little like (Don't quote me on this):

  • Demonspawn - with Fly
  • Swarm-crier
  • Warlock - with bane chant
  • Mutant Rat-fiend
  • 2 x Weapons team - both with Storm of lead (piercing (1))
  • 1 Troop of Hackpaws
  • 1 Horde of Brutes
  • 1 Horde of Blight - some magic item I think.
  • 1 Horde of Shock Troops - Maccwar's potion of the caterpillar
  • 1 Horde of Slaves  - Crepognon's scrying gem of Zellak
  • 4 x Regiments of Slaves 
We roll up for a mission and we roll up an invade senario and this is where both Pete and myself start making mistakes. I deployed and was playing to invade being units entirely within the enemy deployment zone score which is completely wrong Whoops. With Pete thinking only the lead point needed to be over the half way line Whoops.

Anyway both of use playing many wargames before should of known to check. This is a great learning point even if you think you know the scenario check and make sure you are both playing the same winning conditions.

Deployment looks like This:

So with deployment the scrying gem made me put down another 3 units - YAY. so by time I have deployed my whole army by nothing really being down YAY. The above photo is after vanguards and I completely forgot to vanguard up the Swain - MISTAKE. 

My deployment was to drop down in the middle with my small stuff and then place the knight on the flanks. I would have like to deploy one of the knight on the left flank onto the right flank as one unit of my knights and my vanguard hero can deal with everything that that left flank. Damn you Scrying Gem.

Ratkin get first turn.

What happen they moved and gave the knights a wide berth which is the right move. there was a lighting bolt on the right knight unit but that was it.

Samurai turn 1:

I push up in the center with some small stuff and swing around with a knight unit. but apart from the not much happened. shooting did a few wounds on the small regiment of slaves. 

Ratkin turn 2 - MISSING PHOTO

The Demon spawn went into the foot brotherhood on the right did some damage but that was it and just some more tactical maneuvering.

Samurai turn 2 - MISSING PHOTO so rusty at this

The foot brotherhood counter charged the Demon spawn does 5 damage. On the right flank MISTAKE occurred when I pivoted to far with my knight faced the demon but didn't cover the brutes that were advancing. on the left flank one of the slave regiments drop to the swain and damage was dealt to the others but with a low nerve roll on the one verses the knights they held.

Ratkin Turn 3 

Seeing the mistake the brutes come straight up with no resistance. The demon flew out of the path of the knights and landed in front of the some shooting unit, slaves in the middle went into foot samurais and a front and flank charge occurred on the left most unit of knight with slaves. The slaves in the middle tickled the foot samurai and of the left the knight took a few. 

Samurai turn 3:

I counter charged in the middle slave and clear them out. I charge at the top left onto the ASB and slave and take the slaves out and waver the ASB that at the start of the trun moves backwards an block up the knight block. Wind blast and the shooting moving side wards on the shooting took the demon spawn out of charge line (looking back at this I should of just shot him as he alone wouldn't of killed the unit in a turn). 

Ratkin turn 4 - No Photo

The mutant rat fiend went into the archers and didn't really do to much the slave on the left went into the flank of the knights and the horde of slaves went into foot samurai in the middle. Some more moving occurred but not a lot else. Oh apart from the slaves in the flank wavering the knight on a nice high roll. 

Samurai turn 4 photo at the end of my turn. 

A mistake was made straight away I turned and walk the middle samurai foot unit to face the blight to make way for the knights (SHOULD OF BEEN A DOUBLE CHARGE). Foot samurai went into the flank of the mutant rat fiend and the solo hero went into the ASB again. My mage wind blasts the brutes back to be out of charge of the rear of the kinghts. The swain deal with the last regiment of slaves on the left flank pew pew pew. Combat saw the ASB route and the mutant rat fiend route (LUCKILY). The knights in the middle did a bunch of wounds and then roll poorly on the nerve check (if this was a double charge then the slaves would have been on a very low nerve).

Looks like this at the end of turn 4

Ratin turn 5: 

The blight charge through the terrain at the foot samurai and moved away with the demon spawn the brutes move right up and the two weapon team that have taken some damage from shooting is now in range of the bowmen yay. The horde of slaves went into the knights to do nothing of note a unit of shooting is cleared by the 2 weapon team and the Foot samurai is done for against the blight. 

Samurai turn 5:

Knights go back into the slaves and into the blight for the first time. I should have double timed the knights at the top -MISTAKE. I do a few damage to the blight but not even close to enough and the slaves are now on snakes and boom that is what I rolled damn you slaves. 
Ratkin turn 6: 
Blight engage the samurai knight for so little damage but fail to route or waver. the slaves got a free turn to block up the knights for another turn. The shock troops pull back to not get flanked from the new knight block coming and the brutes move into the forest. Shooting and lighting blots saw the middle for samurai waver.

Samurai turn 6:

Head strong failed for the foot samurai which was going to go and help out the knights oh well. Both knight units re-engage this time taking down the slaves and reforming to face the shock troops. Failed to do anything really to the blight and the swain moves up. The hero should have done something else instead I charge him into the light cav rats and rolled low. Me thinking of the mission and still playing it wrong as the hero could of helped block shock troops and I would have turned to face the blight with the cav unit.

This should have been the end however, that was not the case as a number above 4 was rolled and turn 7 was to come. 

Ratkin turn 7:

Pete engages on the flank of the knights with the demon spawn and on the front with the blight. The shock troops went into the front of the knights and bounced off. Well the other one vanished with the demon touching me ever so wrongly. Shooting dealt to the wavering foot samurai. The brutes dealt with the last unit of shooting. The demon overruns into the half to the blight had to stand put though. 

It looks like this:

Samurai turn 7:

The knight engage the shock troops with help from the hero and did a impressive amount of damage to them but it was not quite enough to break them. The swain's moved into the half and shoot at the light cav and that was it. 

It was a great game with plenty of mistakes made and lessons learned.  Pete is a great opponent as his improvements with the Ratkin is monumental. 

When scores were tallied there was about a 90ish point different scoring so it ended up being a draw. With the total VP there was a 200ish point different so depending on the event it would be a 10 - 10 or a 11 - 9 in favor of Pete. 

It was a great game Thanks Pete.

Another Battle report will follow soon as a second game was played on that day. 

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