Monday, 4 January 2016

Samurai Brotherhood Vs Empire of Dust

Game 2 for the brotherhood.

This game was more of a teaching event with Liam and trialing his Empire of Dust list for Runefang. We were talking before the game and in his list just lacked a few heavy hitters. Liam list was:

  • Ahmunite Pharaoh - with wings of honeymaze
  • Ahmunite Pharaoh
  • Cursed High Priest - with heal
  • Cursed High Priest - with heal
  • Horde of Revenants - with the blessing of the gods
  • 2 x regiments of skeleton warriors
  • Regiment Revenant chariots - with the casket of the damned
  • Regiment Revenant Worm Riders 
  • Regiment Skeleton Archer Cavalry
  • Regiment Scavenger
  • 2 x regiments of Skeleton Archers
  • Bone Giant
  • Reanimated Bohemoth

I took the same list which is:

  • Devoted - Wind Blast(5), Inspiring talisman
  • Exemplar Redeemer - Boots of the seven Leagues 
  • 3 x Regiments of the Order of the brotherhood on foot with great weapons
  • 3 x Regiments of the Order of Redemption
  • Swain's Villein Rangers
  • 2 x Regiments of the Villein Bowmen - 1 x Jar of the four winds, 1 x fire-oil
So initial thoughts there was not much hitting power in Liam's list which turned out to be true as I was only really concerned about the bone giant and the Bohemoth.

As Liam has not played invade before and as it would be more for learning I thought this was a good mission as it is best to know every mission leading into an event. 

Delployment looked like this:

Liam thought he would take one flank and load up on it thinking that he could push up on it. While I did the same but I spread out so I could sweep around and engage. I vanguard up on the right with the one hero and left with the Swain. 

Once again I don't go first as it is the:
EoD turn one.

This is when Liam realized that he was a bit choked up and couldn't get the full range of movement or cover all of the angles he needed. Shooting did a few wounds off of the swain and one off of the front unit of mounted samurai. 

Samurai turn one:

I pull forward on the right flank and put a toe of one of the foot samurai into the the forest to be able to see through. The Vanguard hero charges the Scavengers that came up the unoccupied flank. Swain do 5 wounds to the horse archers and bowmen on the hill do a few to the Bohemoth. Scavengers waver to the charge from the hero.

EoD turn 2:

The pharaoh with the wings fly's over the army to start tormenting the back of the my army. The rest advance to get better lines. Shooting does a few wound but not a lot.

Samurai turn 2:

So noticing that the bone giant was not only in charge range but could get there without being hindered so I went in. The foot Samurai went into the horse archers and the other went into the skeleton warriors and the hero went into the Scavengers again. Shooting was a bit of a wash this turn but a wind blast pushes the Bohemoth way back and it will not be a problem new turn. The Scavengers pop which frees up the hero for later turns. The horse archers die but didn't roll high enough for the foot samurai to get really in the way but good enough. heaps of wounds were done to the bone giant and the skeleton warriors but neither broke. 

EoD turn 3:

Liam put both the worms and horde of Revenants into the blocking foot samurai as he worked out that just one unit was not going to be enough (which he was correct). The bone giant countered and same with the skeleton warriors. The Pharaoh with wings go into the flank of the other mounted samurai. Apart from the foot samurai in the middle of the field only a few wounds were done to each of the other units. 

Samurai turn 3:

So much this turn. The bone giant get countered, the free unit of mounter samurai go into the worms, a double charge happened on the warriors and the foot samurai went into to Bohemoth. The hero lind up to the see the flank of the archers. The worms get toasted from the charge same with the warriors and the foot samurai overrun to block. The foot samurai deal some wounds to the Bohemoth but bounce off. The counter charge onto the bone giant sees half of last rounds wounds dealt to it however it was enough with a high roll saw him off. 
EoD turn 4:

The chariots and the Revenants go into the foot samurai with both being hindered it was only just enough to deal with them BUT then the double ones are rolled and they stick. The Bohemoth does a few wounds to the foot samurai but bounces off. The foot Pharaoh goes into one of the horses and the flying pharaoh goes into the other. They each do some wounds to stop them get TC. 

Samurai turn 4:

The lone hero goes into the skeleton archers and deals with them. The pharaoh on the the left gets countered the other unit goes into the Priest. The foot samurai counters the horde allowing for the chariots to charge into the chariots. the Bohemoth get charged again. It was a full stale mate for all of these as a extremely poor roll occurred on the chariots both for damage and nerve.  

EoD turn 5:

just a lot of countering was occurring with all of them hanging around another turn even the foot samurai that was all ready on double ones still held on, as another double one was rolled. 

Samurai turn 5:

Everything countered back in and the hero went into the skeletons at the back. The chariots broke and the unit of samurai horses continued threw knowing they will be safe over the center line.  

EoD turn 6:

 The horde this turn cleared out the foot samurai finally and reformed into the half of the board to score the skeletons gets surged heaps to get across the line. The Bohemoth gets through the other foot samurai and failed to overrun far enough to score. The flying pharaoh goes into the flank of a archer unit and disrupts them. The Pharaoh on the left fails to wound the knights and grow worried about the oncoming counter. 

Samurai turn 6:

This is when I do something silly, rather then shooting the archers I charge them with both archer units. They hit on 6's shooting with one unit would have done more as I failed to do a single wound. The charge into the Pharaoh I whiff my attacks so bad I only got him down to a double 6 with a re roll to break and that was it.

So we tallied it up to find out that I misjudged what the EoD characters where worth A LOT. However, it turned out to be 800 scored for the EoD and 1020 to the Samurai so just above 200 different which means a win to the samurai. When working out the VP it turned out that I only lost the 450pts of foot samurai where there was more lost from the EoD would have ended up a 16 or 17 win to the Samurai.

With the speed of the EoD having been bottle necked it really hurt them as there was no surging into combats or flanks. Well done to Liam as it was a lot closer then I thought it was.

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