Monday, 18 January 2016

Runefang - Sunday - Dwarfs

The very next day the event continued with many people taking the same list as the day before. But not me and my friend Rob as we swapped armies and I got to play with his dwarf list. Which is:

1 x Regiment of Ironguard
1 x Troop of Sharpshooters
2 x Hordes of Shieldbreakers
1 x Troop of Berserker Brock Riders - brew of haste
1 x Regiment of Berserker Brock Riders - potion of the caterpillar
2 x Cannons
2 x Standard Bearer - one with SCrying Gem of Zellak
 Berserker Lord - on a brock with the blade of the beast slayer
King - wings of Honeymaze
Steel Behemoth

So it had some toys and fun was to be had but it is still a dwarf list that has its own set of problems.

Game 1 - Dominate - Jayden with Basileans

I really didn't like this match up, Jayden had hordes that were fighter then mine, heaps of flying monsters with healing. oh joy...I managed to get first turn and I was able to line up a few of the flying character with the brocks that kept them at bay for now.

Jayden replied by just moving around a little. I Jayden the chance on the right flank an then the string of great rolls from Jayden started. He route the small brocks along with the horde of shield breakers only failing to wound with a few dice.

By doing this I was still able to clear up the horse horde and dealt with the big horde in the middle. I did make a mistake here by not placing the brocks into the same target and blocking up the left horde with my fly character but who was I to know.

Some great more rolls from Jayden saw the brocks downed by one unit along with the steam tank. At that point turn 6 has ended if it did I would have drew. But it didn't so onto turn 7 and I was able to flank the dragon so I put everything into it. Got him on Double one's and preceded to roll that.

I think that Jayden didn't expect such a hard game from Dwarfs as if it ended turn 6 then it would have been a draw or if I didn't roll double one's it would have been a draw.

Instead it was a big loss 17-3 against but it was a close first game with a dwarf list I have never played with.

 Game 2 - Pillage - Ryan with Twilight Kin

I was thinking yay I get to play against Ryan and the Twilight Kin list that won yesterday, well I got to try hard. Once again I got first turn and got to push up. which is very helpful.


The left flank was going well having drawn out the units early and being able to flank what was there. On the right flank I pushed forward and the one unit of archers managed to take out a horde of shield breakers the regiment of De6 iron guard as well as king oh those last two were in combat.
Then on the left flank one bolt thrower took everything but the horde in the middle. everything was a bit late for Ryan I was able to use the Stank to block off the archers from getting within 3 and the horde was able to line up between two.

Last ditch effort was for the archers to take on the Stank but was unable to shift it.

So through a bit of luck I was able to make this a win rather then a loss, Ryan was able to bring back from all of the damage I was doing which shows how great of a player he is and it was only through luck was I able to win. I went up 15-5.

Round 3 - Loot - Neil and his varangur

Neil had the need, the need for speed. In a loot game against dwarfs oh good I had a hard game in front of me. So I placed my speed on one flank and on the other I pretty much just gave up as I couldn't focus on both in the middle through I lined up so I can charge turn one if the speed picks it up turn one.  Neil did, he picked up the left and center one in turn one. yippy. However I was able to charge in the center and waver the holder of the unit.

Things went down hill for Neil from here the cannons managed to hit more then once which gave me the right flank so now it was one a piece. With the center being very well covered by the hordes his knights had no other option but to charge. This was just what the hordes needed as they were able to pull apart the rest of the units.

The little flying character that Neil had left managed to kill the brocks and 2 cannons by the end of the game.

It turned out to big a second big win for the dwarfs 18-2 and it just showed when cannons hit they do a lot of damage, pity this was the only game they really did anything. Sorry Neil

Game 4 - Kill - Alan with Ratkin (NOT MANY PHOTOS TAKEN)

Last game of the weekend and I get to go against Ratkin, I had something to prove as day one I was only able to get a draw so I was trying to push for a win.

I was happy with my deployment as I had my fast stuff on the right which should clean up and then swing around. Not much happened.

Then BAM. On the right flank I rolled a double one which then meant I lost everything on it apart from the one Brock lord who took down the Demon spawn in the middle I double one a unit and got got double 6'd in return. However, I was able to still take a lot with me it just meant I didn't get through to the horde of archers and lost a unit to slaves.

But that's the way it goes. Calculated the point and oh I drew, great a 10-10 which could have gone much worse as I rolled bad through most of this game, Alan you made me happy.

Well at the end of the day I was thinking 'You know what I did OK' and then I looked at the results again and I came equal 4th with Rob using my brotherhood.

Rob did advise that the brotherhood list was pretty 'BULLSHIT' and I now agree as it is much worse then the dwarf list. Which was a big increase over yesterday score for him.

Thanks to Pete, Ryan and Peter for running/organizing the event and for the players as they are who keeps the games going.

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