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RuneFang Saturday list

The list have been announced for each of the day for RuneFang and I thought that I would do a quick overview of the lists and potential tactics I might employ. But not give away to many hints.

The list I have submitted for the Saturday is the following:
  • Devoted - Wind blast, Inspiring Talisman
  • Exemplar Redeemer - boots of the Seven Leagues
  • 3 x Order of Redemption
  • 3 x Order of the Brotherhood on Foot - With two-handed weapons
  • 2 x Villein Bowmen - one with fire-oil the other with Jar of the four winds
  • Swain's villein rangers
You are able to find the lists Here

I will start at the top of the list and work my way through them.

Mike - Dwarfs. 

This to me seems like a very defensive list where it rely's being within 24 inches of all of the guns and placing a defensive blocker in front of units it doesn't want to advanced. Then clean up the damaged units with the Brock Riders. 
Potential problems with this list would be going second as you would loose a turn of shooting and missions that need to advance across the field.
I will need to use the terrain for cover to limit the shooting impact. This will be won or lost in deployment as the lack of chaff could hurt if there is no cover.

Cameron - Kingdoms of men

A hammer and anvil list with the ability to shoot off some chaff or deal wounds early from a little bit of shooting. It could be difficult to move this list off of some of the missions as it is can cover its own flanks quite well. 
A problem right away will be the lack of inspiring as a high nerve roll really early on could cause a lot of problems. 
I would aim to hit a lot of the units at the same time and win the grind with inspiring.

Pete - Ratkin

This all rounders list along with the Scrying gem is a great combination. This allows Pete to deploy strong on a flank a turn it around. Over extending the Demonspawn can be the biggest weakness as if it goes down then there is a lot less pressure on the army. 
Terrain can hurt this list as it needs to work together as each part is not as strong it is needed. No hints to anyone on how to play against it.

Ryan - Kin

Lots of shooting, lots of long range charging which has the flexibility to do a few different styles. However, being hit first is the biggest weakness as lowish nerve could hurt as it only takes a few stray wounds to cause a route. With a big stationary portion of the army could be outflanked easily. 
Aim to separate parts of the list a take it apart one thing at a time.

Alan - Ratkin/KIN Allies

5 Hordes each with such raw power that can cause problems even to the most well formulated plan. However, they can become a tripping hazard to other units so the plan would be to cause them to do so on the terrain. The damage output is scary.

Russell - Undead

Cheap hordes for anvil's ,cheap chaff, cheap hammer units and all of the points in easy to keep alive hero's. This list has a strong chance to take it away if a good strategy is in play. Matching unit for unit is its biggest weakness as each unit needs support. 

Kelsey - Undead

Horde, horde and more hordes with no chaff. Most lists could only deal with little bits of this list now if they all hit at the same time it would be a big problem for the enemy. No chaff hurts so much and it will become apparent if someone can take advantage of it. The dragon will be needed for inspiring over the damage output potential.

Jayden - Basilea

Interesting list, I am unsure exactly what it will do or how it will be played with so I will have to wait am see. It will be interesting though.

Rex - Elves

Very close to a typical Elf list 2 hordes of shooting, Bane-chant, Dragon with ensorcelled armor. Target the Drakon riders once gone only the dragon should be a concern then advance quickly at the archers. 

Sam - Varangur

Having not played against the Varangur just reading the list it is scary heaps of crushing strength and thunderous. Along with heaps of chaff it will be interesting as one slip up on either side could be costly. 

Ryan L - Undead/Empire of Dust

There is a lot of speed in this list which will catch a lot of people out in the open with their pants down. if you can weather the first charge then you may win out the grind if you have flanks covered. 

Hugh - Elves

Another of the copy paste Elf list however it is a bit more self sufficient as there is more support for both the shooting and advancing parts of the list. Use the terrain, don't run straight at the guns, do something crazy and watch the out come. 

 Liam - Empire of Dust

This is an updated version of the list I post the battle report on earlier. Much more hitting power so now I will have to look closer to placement of units. 

Brett- Undead

Wow... Just wow Brett congratulations I was not expecting a list like this. It is a high risk high reward list that if you play well with it you may get really big wins however, if things go wrong don't be surprised if you go down big.

Rhys - Elves

oooohhhh another elf list, is it different lets check. 2 hordes of archers yep 6+ De Dragon yep. I was hoping for something different poop. But the 4 units of cavalry yep that is different you may find that you loose your backfield to other fast lists but by then you would have most of your enemy so let waits and see what is going to happen.
Ian - Ogres/Brotherhood

Such a strong main force and then to add the brotherhood forsaken is a good move. Some inspiring for them would be much needed for them as they can die out fast and seeing the other lists with heaps of shooting then you might lose them quickly. But if you aim was for these to draw attention away from the bigger hitting thing then they will work. 

Tane - Dwarfs

Throwing Mastiff rule, I  hope Tane does well as this is a dwarf list has softish units that may move up and harder stuff that is a bit slower. First turn is needed to bring the battle line up to the rest of the vanguard/faster stuff.

Wil - Kingdoms of Men/Ogres 

Some good idea's combining the staying power of the men with the boomers breath attack. It is still a fairly defensive list lack of hitting power once/if someone gets their may hurt more then you think.

Robert - Dwarfs

Since this is actually the list I will be fielding on day 2 SPOILERS. No hints will be given. 

Neil - Varangur

3 Big monsters, shooty chaff and hard hitting block. I can see that the shooting lists may cause a problem unit the monsters hit. But the speed in the list means if you get first turn you will be in before the second turn of shooting can occur. I want to place this list up the top somewhere as it can really stuff around the horde lists which there seems to be many of.

Day 2 lists will come soon and I can't wait to start playing as there is many lists here that peek my interest and I might have to look into in the near future. 

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