Friday, 1 January 2016

Runefang prep work

Happy New Year everyone I do hope this year brings you many crushing victories.

With the first tournament 'Runefang' not so far away (16th and 17th of January) I have arranged to play a few games with a Brotherhood list soon as this will be an army that I take to one of the days.

Runefang is a little different 2 day event as it is 2 one day tournaments with 4 games on each day. This allows for people only wanting/limited to only playing one day the opportunity to be apart of the scene and by the look of the number and name I haven't seen before it has been working. Currently there is 20 coming to Saturday and 19 to Sunday.

If you are looking for the full details of Runefang you can find them on the Fields of Blood blog here.

Now on one of the days of Runefang I will not be taking an army of my choosing and a list that I have created. As I have requested Pete the manager of Fields of Blood to write me up a list and submit it to one of the days and I will choose the list for the other day. I have chosen to do this as I would like to challenge myself to see how well I could do with just an army or an army the I don't know.

I will also use this as a chance to learn the mechanics of the game better and a better knowledge of other armies and units that I might not have taken.

An event like this allows me to play seriously on one day and try something new on the other and yes Batrep's for the practice games and the event will be completed and place on here.

 The list I will be taking over the practice games will be the following:

  • Devoted - Wind Blast(5), Inspiring talisman
  • Exemplar Redeemer - Boots of the seven Leagues 
  • 3 x Regiments of the Order of the brotherhood on foot
  • 3 x Regiments of the Order of Redemption
  • Swain's Villein Rangers
  • 2 x Regiments of the Villein Bowmen - 1 x Jar of the four winds, 1 x fire-oil

What I will be attempting to do with this list is to do a refused flank. So the idea is for all of the foot soldiers of go on the flank and stop/delay the advance while the 3 regiments of the Redemption order clean one flank and turn on in. Further to this the Exemplar will hopefully cause people to bunch up their deployment with shooting armies that way I can hit hard with 3 fast units and then clean up with the foot guard. 


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