Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ogre strengths and weaknesses

As I have had a few requests for a Strengths and weakness review for the Ogres I thought I would write one up.


Very strong in combat, between shield breakers for defense and counter punch, berserkers for high number of attacks and even the base warriors hitting on threes and defense of five. Furthermore They are speed 6 so normally get first charge on other foot army’s.
Boomers are chock full of win. Now what I mean is that they are a moving fire base that can fight in combat. The in a second rank means cavalry and flyers may think twice from landing with 18 inches of 1 or 2 hordes of these.
Long range shooting ability is a very strong list choice as once an enemy is close even thee shooters can fight well.
Ogres do really well went you support each unit and they are plenty of selections to fit into the role you need.
You need less to hold a flank then other army's.
Fighty characters won’t die to everything and can do a few wounds.
Heaps of list design. There is no stand out strongest list.
Characters are not individual so flank charges give bonuses.


No access to medium or heavy cavalry as chariots and to slow and goblins scout are light cavalry.
Coming across lots of shooting will really hurt.
Lots of inspiring is needed as you will need it even on the flanks.
Not enough space. Due to some big footprints it can be very difficult to get a great deployment.
You need a way to clear chaff. Most of your battle line can be block up with 100pts of chaff if you are not careful.
Enemy's with smaller facings can get more units on you.
Watch for flank charges all of them.
One on one fights you will tend to win but 2 on one you will bee close to breaking straight away.

My current list design.
I like a list style of MMU  for Ogres. However, for Ogress it means you take a lot of hordes. So I would be looking at something like:
5-6 hordes
1-2 regiments
1-2 monsters
2-4 characters
My normal plan would be to place 2 units in the middle with a ASB  alongside. Then a monster in a flank hopefully by now you can pick which flank they are loading into and then setting across and then laying the hurt in them, hope that the monster deploy on the same flank as the will offer much needed flank protection. If you can see their deployment then load up on one flank and try to turn it in on them.

This is just my opion and I could be totally wrong.


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