Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Ogre army list review

Since I have been away from any gaming community I thought I would put done my ideas and thoughts on the Ogre’s book in KOW.
I will go through each unit and list some possible user and tactics.


Warrior -  S6, M3+ , Ra-, De5+. All have crushing strength 1 & brutal.
These are the basic unit in the Ogre book and they are strong for the cost.
Regiment – At9,  Nv12/14, 130pts. Depending on the list/play style these make a cheap and effective cleanup crew. I would say to pair these with one or two hordes to take the charge and then hit with these. The low number of attacks hurts but using them like this means the only have to do a few wounds.
Horde - A18, Nv15/17, 200pts. These make such a great meat of an army they can usually take a charge and a following round with some inspirational influence nearby. They can put out a lot of pain and can win most grinds. I use these at in lots of 3 at the moment side by side as it is a brick wall which is not easy to shift on top of allowing flank charges.
Legion - A36, Nv22/24, 350pts. Now this combat legion that are great for a aggressive play style how ever I always find that the foot print is to big for their purpose. On top of the 350pts you will need to add more pts to get them to the place they need to be without getting hindered. Two horde blocks are more flexible and you can get them in a better place as movement is key.

Berserker braves - S6, M4+ , Ra-, De4+. All have crushing strength 1 & brutal.
These are unit are designed to do a lot of damage but can’t really take it. Not wavering helps the ability to deal damage if they survive. Having the same movement as the base warrior hurt them as if they were Sp 7 they may get were they need to.
Regiment- At15,  Nv-/15, 150pts. These are a good clean up like the warrior regiment above. However, these can't take a the hits as the lower defense really hurts. If you are playing in waves this would be in my red next to the wizards.
Horde- At30,  Nv-/18, 230pts. You need support for this horde, something like scouts to provide cover to them. Once they get there they got really hard just a few stray shots will really do damage.

Siege Breakers – S5, M3+ , Ra-, De4+. Big shield, Brutal, CS3, TC1.
In my opinion these are the strongest element in the ogre list as on the front they have a De6+ which makes them awfully hard to shift. On top of the  high De they also have really high CS which means a high De unit can’t just take a charge from these. Having Sp5 hurts but it only brings you back in  line with other races.
Regiment – At9,  Nv12/14, 165pts support unit to block up enemy and to deter heavy units from taking an easy charge into something softer. Faster units may go straight past so keep mind on the angles.
Horde – At18,  Nv15/17, 250pts let me just say wow. For 50pts over the warrior horde you get so much extra. These will work both as an anvil and a hammer and by taking multiple  you increase the efficiency. These can hold you main line steady or hold back enemy advancement towards a gun embankment.

Hunters – S6, M3+ , Ra-, De4+.  Brutal, CS1, ensnare, pathfinder. I see as meant to be a flanking force but also have a backup duty as a defender, these could also be wave 1. But performing these is difficult as higher leadership is normally needed as well as a character for inspiring. It is the De4+ that is putting these into the next level of greatness.
Regiment – At9,  Nv12/14, 145pts. These  I would use as the front liners whose job would be to take one charge and hold. There is just not enough defensive capability  for them to flank by themselves.
Horde – At18,  Nv15/17, 220pts. Over the regiment the horde has more flexibility as it will be able to take some damage without instantly running. However that is only from combat shooting will demolish them with no loss in return. But on a flank vs cavalry it would be a great time for you.

Shooters -  S6, M4+ , Ra5+, De4+.  Brutal, CS1, heavy crossbow, piercing 1 and reload. Well what can I say long range shooting. There is a really easy to write long ranged shooting list that can also fight in combat. No more hints will be given other then make sure you win deployment.
Regiment  -  At9,  Nv12/14, 150pts. I like these on a flank as they can shoot down a advancing fast cav before they get there and then move out to help. Don't overwhelm them with too many enemy's at once.
Horde -  At18,  Nv15/17, 230pts. I will refuse to give information on this unit as it will turn into giving away battle plans and strategies. It is fairly easy to understand what they do just use them in a game and shoot down units from a long way away. Oh the joy.

Boomers -  sp6, M4+ , Ra-, De4+. Brutal, CS1, breath weapon, piercing 1 . I love these units  range 12 does not make a difference as ogres run forward and these keep up and support really well. Being able to move and shoot with no negatives with piercing one oh so wonderful and they can still fight in combat. I think these are my favorite units in the game due to their flexibility.
Regiment  -  At9,  Nv12/14, 150pts. Using these as support to keep flankers at bay also great to stop flyers from going behind the strength of a force.
Horde -  At18,  Nv15/17, 230pts. The way I use these are in the second rank ready to other spring in front of the force to shoot down quick advancing units. These do everything that the regiment does only better. Don’t expect these to hold a flank or take done a horde by themselves. But support your main combat force they are brilliant.

Chariots - sp7, M3+ , Ra-, De5+. Brutal, CS1, TC2. They work well as a flanking force as the can hit really hard due to the higher number attacks. With M3 and De5+ they are great in combat. The biggest downsides are the footprint size and that they are only movement 7 but you can work with them.
Regiment – At12,  Nv12/14, 170pts. Want something to float around the back deterring fast flying units and do a fast job cleaning up these are you it for you. A regiment is a bit small for holding its own without drastic support.
Horde – At24,  Nv15/17, 275pts. I have always found these to have 1 or 2 nerve to low for the points.  These will always be the main target for shooting as they can cut through hordes in a turn. The footprint king quite sizable you can block off possible landing areas.

Red Goblins -  sp5, M6+ , Ra5+, De3+.bows. what can I say these are goblins they are a basic shooting unit with nerve to match what they are.
Regiment – At10,  Nv12/14, 85pts. I have not used these so I would not be the best to quote on this. But I would use these to stop fast cav then trying to thin main units so you can break them with others in a turn.
Horde – At20,  Nv19/21, 140pts. These do everything just better than the regiment.

Red Goblin Scouts – sp10, M5+ , Ra-, De4+. Nimble, TC2. Put it this way “zippy” this unit has a few purposes war machine/character hunters, flank /rear chargers, redirector and last turn objective captures. These being the missing speed to the ogre force.
Troop – At7,  Nv9/11, 100pts. Main purposes are redirector and loot/ counter holders. They support in a flank but not really engage in the front of a unit without loosing out.
Regiment – At14,  Nv12/14, 155pts. Cash do the above but can also hunt down easy prey and stop shooting by going into them for disruption effect.

Mammoth – sp7,  M4+, Ra-, De5+, At12, Nv15/17, 210 pts. Brutal, Cs2,  Tc2. Great support monster helping deliver that much needed combat punch on a small base that can see over other large infantry. Can work in pairs on a flank to stop sweeping advances. Inspiration is needed for these.

Giant  - sp7,  M4+, Ra-, De5+, At6+D6, Nv17/19, 190 pts. Brutal, Cs3,  fury, strider. My pick of monsters from this list as it does what the mammoth does only better. The lower uncertainty of the attacks are meaningless over the higher Nv. They are able to act more independently then the mammoth.

Red Goblin Blaster -  exploding cheap monster that you need to keep away from own units and charge for fun.


Warlord – sp6,  M3+, Ra-, De5+, At7, Nv15/17, 175 pts. Brutal, Cs2, inspiring, nimble.  This guy is a monster in his own right he is great support. Due to his inspiration and he can go in and add a few extra wounds. 

Captain – sp6,  M3+, Ra5+, De5+, At5, Nv13/15, 135 pts. Brutal, Cs2, inspiring,  nimble. Can get a heavy crossbow for 10pts. The next step down from the warlord is the captain which is aim to be a help for the long range style of play. The crossbow lowers defense but if he is just staying along side of long range shooters he does a great job.

Army standard – sp6,  M3+, Ra-, De4+, At3, Nv11/13, 70 pts. Brutal, Cs1, inspiring, nimble. Cheap source of inspiring  and that is all it’s good for. However, it does exactly what iss needed cheap inspiring.

Warlock -  sp6,  M4+, Ra-, De4+, At2, Nv12/14, 100 pts. Brutal, Cs1, inspiring only to berserkers, lightning bolt 3, nimble, ogre warlock. This is the caster in the ogres that inherently inspires berserkers and gain an extra casting die for each within 6 inches which can be a huge help. I would use 2 hordes of berserkers and one of these with fireball doing a flank push.

Boomer sergeant -  sp6,  M4+, Ra-, De4+, At4, Nv11/13, 90 pts. Brutal, Cs1, nimble, breath attack 4, piercing 1. The lack of inspiring hurts  the boomer sergeant as you want to use him with an advancing line to clear out chaff and blocker. You can take the item that gives you it but then you are limited to only one.

Siege master – sp5,  M3+, Ra-, De4+, At4, Nv12/14, 135 pts. Brutal, Cs3, Tc1, big shield, nimble, inspiring to siege breakers only. Well look what we have here an inspiring siege breaker to go with the moving shield wall. Great job for doing exactly is keeping a front line of siege breakers in order.

Red Goblin Biggit – sp5,  M4+, Ra4+, De4+, At3, Nv9/11, 60 pts. Bow, individual, inspiring to Red Goblin units only. 15pts for a fleabag. I like the fleabag option for the biggit as it gives you move 10 which means a designated hassler that does a great job. The boots of the seven seas to give him vanguard for first turn disruption opportunity on a shooting horde or war machine hunting.

Grokagamok -  sp6,  M3+, Ra-, De5+, At7, Nv15/17, 260 pts. Brutal, Cs3, nimble, the amputator, very inspiring. This is a named character so you can take one and he is quite pricy . But he has inspiring 9 inches which is huge over the other as inspiring is key and the longer range for ogre’s is massive. That and he is a combat monster as each melee hit is blast D3 so there is a huge damage output potential. If you have points for this guy he is worth it, just don't put him in the line of fire.

So here is a few battle plans and uses that I have in mind when writing a list.

Central point hit. So the plan would be to be able to drop small stuff down and when you see their center line you place your heavy hitters against them.

Flank and turn in. Split force on both flanks and hit them on both sides then turn in.

Refused flank. The normal refused flank style.

Shooting and moving shooting lists are easy to come up with. So I won’t spoil the fun of finding out.

Layers list where you design a list to work in layers. So have a front later to possible take a charge 2nd layer to do some heavy hitting 3rd layer is the clean up.

That will be enough for now as there is plenty more but it is fun to come up with them.

Hint to write a list. Come up with a strategy first then look at what can fill that role. That way what you things to perform a task.

My personal opinion is that the Ogres can put forward a strong list.

Have a happy new year.


  1. Very interesting read! Low nerve seems an issue (as for most large infantry) for the points cost?

    1. You are exactly right. You need a strategy to mitigate that during play by using chaff for cover or terrain or you can really easily loose a lot quickly.