Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Kings of War have Started!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Long time no posts but I am going to come back to writing on here but for KINGS OF WAR.

If you don't know yet with the death of 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy there has been a low in gaming as we have been waiting to see what comes, Which over here in New Zealand it turned out that Kings of war.

I have since then been able to play quite a few games and I have been finding it that:

  • The rules are much simpler and they are the same across the board - This means there is no need to read through 1000's of rules just to find the one you need
  • The Game is much quicker then 8th ed game
  • Less rules disputes - Don't get wrong there is still rules disputes however they get resolved and I see that most of these are just due to being new to the game
  • Movement is key
  • You always feel like you have a chance - No matter what you have
  • kow2.easyarmy.com is a great site for army builder
  • The models from Mantic are much cheaper and the quality is increasing rapidly
  • There is No game breaking spells - I never like it when the whole battle plan was "I am going to throw 6 dice at X spell"
  • This game revolves around strategy and a over the whole board awareness - As there is no fleeing as a response.

So overall I have been enjoying my time playing Kings of War to the point I have now bought myself a new army of 16th century samurai that will be fielded as the Brotherhood. More on this to come with the assembly and painting of this NEW ARMY.

I will also take the time to do up some BATREP's so keep it real.


  1. Nice one, Greg! Great to hear you've found a new game to your liking. In the Tron we're still mostly playing 8th, but I've found a small (but growing) group to play AOS with. I hear the City Guard are liking 9th. So many options!

    1. Yeah I was toying around with a few game systems. to see:

      8th - die
      9th age - written by gamer's (not the best thing)
      AOS - Lets just say NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

      After a few games of KOW I started to like what was happening so I'll stick with it (until something better comes along)