Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hojo Brotherhood of the Samurai

It begins all over again..... However, with a new game system.

My new army of 16th century Samurai, I have chosen a clan to do the clan....

HOJO for the painting scheme.

HOJO painting scheme is Blue for the clothes and banners, black/grey for the armor with highlights of red on them.

So this list I will be playing with is:

Devoted - Wind Blast and Inspiring Talisman
Exemplar Redeemer - Boots of the seven Leagues
Swain's Villein Rangers
2 x Regiments of Villein bowmen - 1 with fire-oil, 1 with Jar of the 4 winds.
3 x Regiments of Order of the Brotherhood on foot - all with two-handed weapons
3 x Regiments of Order of Redemption

Which I have been able to get assembled and which looks like this:

So its starting to come along.

Just wanting to say thanks to Mighty Ape for the models as they got here quick at this time of year.

Battle reports and painting updates to come.

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