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Christmas BBQ with local Nerds - Descent Style

Last night was my local kind of gaming group's farewell as most of us will be away for the Christmas period. What that mean is on our last meet rather then just playing KOW or something like that we decided to have a BBQ and a game of Descent.

These are held in Will's Garage every Tuesday as there is enough space for three gaming tables.

After a few hiccups with the BBQ (with some good old fashioned "Just hit it to make it work") we managed to have quite a feast on our hands. However, by the end of the night it was mostly gone after Rob took up the challenge to try to eat everything there.

Well onto the Descent game, there was 5 of us there to play and we all chose our characters there was:

  • Ryan - Gaming master/DM/The Boss man(In secret a good guy)
  • Will as Mad Carthos - A necromancer with his trusty skeleton who's name changed every time a new one was raised (this was quite often)
  • Gareth as Bogran the Shadow - A thief that was renamed Bogan the Gimp due to the gimp mask he was wearing
  • Rob as Elder Mok - A not so healing, healer that did quite well in combat. Oh and he is a Ork
  • ME as Grisban the Thirsty - A thirsty dwarf knight that must have been a slayer as he ran off to try to take on all the enemies at once.
Sorry I didn't take a photo of mine

The first game we played was the stock standard intro game which allowed us to know how to play the game and get our first ability. With the first game we tried to keep pretty close together just in case any need help we survived and won.

Not to mention that we won as Grisban stood in front of  two Etins from the first move and lived to tell the tail. (somehow)

This was very helpful first mission as we pooled our money together and the group bought me a heavy cloak to help with my plight in the front lines. Along with my new ability of ADVANCE I was set to wreak face.
ADVANCE - usable once per turn - after you kill a monster you can make a free advance and a melee attack.

Rob our then pronounced fearless leader then choose the groups' next mission and he decided to chase down a goblin he once knew, Grom the Paunch. As he and his minion's have been raiding the local farms and we have been sent to stop him.
On the way there our fearless leader Mok to Ork managed to never steer us wrong and we got there without any encounters.

Once we got to the farm a lonely, bloodied and poor farmer came out to advise us that his brother has been taken by Grom and would like us to save him. But first we need to stop Grom's goblins doing any more damage as they we just now stealing gain which we need to stop.

Upon arriving there was no goblins in sight only 5 foul looking spiders. Being parched once again Grisban ran off first to meet a slay the first spider, which punched a whole in the spiders lines to which he advanced around the back of them to take a swipe at the master spider to only wound it.

Everyone else moved up and managed to fell another 2 of the 5 to leave only 2 left. However, this was the start of the injuries to come as both of the spiders went after Mad Carthos wounding him but much worse he was now poisoned.

In the distance we could hear the scurrying of the lowly goblins but were yet to see any.

Grisban and Mok stood back for a second to see the outcome of the 2 remaining spiders to see them both cut down by Brogan and Mad Carthos which we then legged it as far as possible to try to catch the goblin unaware. 

After rounding a corner Grisban and Mok saw two goblins running away with a sack of grain each to which Grisban let out a war-cry and jumped into action.

So the slowest member of the warband ran as fast as he could to catch up to these two fleeing goblins and then using his heroic feat to be able to be able to make an attack. To which a swift sword strike put the goblin down not to get back up and then using his advance skill was able to move up and attack the next one. However, Grisban having move further then anyone else was exhausted and didn't do so well as he swung and missed the goblin.

Mok ran into the middle of the goblins that were pillaging and succeeded in holding them in place (being quite bloody by now). After the first wave of spiders were dealt with Brogan started advancing as fast as possible to help Mok in the fray. Then there was poor poor Carthos as soon as help left more spiders started to appear to which he spent most of the game dealing with one after another.

After the narrow miss the goblin Grisban was staring down did what he knew best RAN and managed to take that gain back to feed Grom. At the farm itself fear set in as the impending doom of the remaining goblins were going to come swiftly.

The rest of the game Brogan and I were able to come to the aid of Mok looking worse then before and dispatched the remaining goblins. Mok ran off in search of loot to on his way out see Carthos no longer poisoned but being chased down by yet another spider.

So Grom was only feed on sack of grain which had an impact on the next map as we followed the few surviving goblin to find Grom's hideout. Behold the mighty cave of GROM so fat is he that just by moving he would push all of the hero's out of the way.

Upon hearing about what we have done Grom had to find out more information about the land from the farmers brother and ordered the goblins to bring the 4 prisoners they have to him. Grom wanted to find out who the brother was an escape with him to later interrogate him further.    

Just walking into Grom's Cave we could hear the laughter but we were all tired from the long trek and previous fighting while some of us rested to regain ourselves. Mad Carthos however, ran out and raised up his skeletal friend who charged in and found more spiders. The brainless one ran straight at one managing to take it out pretty effortlessly. 

The spiders startled ran straight at the softer people (everyone but Me - Grisban) managing well as now they were all poisoned and badly hurt. In the distance we heard a door slam open and clunking come from the next room.

Carthos was the first to move as he heals be doing damage which then heal up Mok, to which he and the skeleton managed to damage one and kill one healing up in the meantime. Then Mok killed one to heal up everyone a little. Grisban then dealt with the stragglers and moved towards the next door. Borgan looted a chest to get shot with a poison arrow trap but find a mighty hammer and rested. 

All of a sudden screams filled the cave as the first of the prisoners reached Grom and he started extracting information. However, it was the wrong person.

Listen at the next door there was the sound of wind but nothing more. Cautiously we didn't go barging through as there was resting and drinking of potions to be done, then moving up to the door which the dwarf Grisban was already at.

A gargled scream this time as another was ask goblin type questions and then dispatched of with bits missing as Grom got hungry half way through. The rest of the goblins advanced towards the impending wave of death that was soon to enter.

The brave mindless skeleton was the one to open the door and enter the room. As soon as Grisban saw it was clear enough he ran right past the shambling skeleton right, into a goblin in the corridor to which he quickly dispatch of it and moved into the holding room where the prisoners were kept. The rest of the group move more delicately as Grisban didn't see the 2 air elemental's in the room as he ran straight past them. Mok found a safe place blocked off by the skeleton to be in between Grisban and the back group.     

The air elemental's then shifted what they were as one became fire and attacked the skeleton, Carthos and Brogan but failing to do anything. However the other one became earth and blocking off Grisban from the group. There was no scream this time but Grom was still in his room.... Was this some kind of trick or did he just stopped for dinner we would never know.There was still a few goblins left not really doing much but slowly damaging the softer people.

Grisban managed to somehow cut down the earth elemental and ran back towards the fire elemental and with everyone else's attacks the fire element was barely scratched.

Celebration came from down the hall as Grom has found who he was looking for. The fire elemental managed to take down the skeleton this time.

Grisban ran into the fire elemental and cut it down to size with the help of a new skeleton and Carthos, Grisban then headed towards Grom. The others cleared up the 2 remaining goblins. We were thinking we were in a great position then BAM.

Grom sensing that he was the last and that fearing for his life he fled towards the only exit which happened to lead past the hero's, But Ryan was smirking 'what did he have planned'. Grom the fattest and slowest of all the goblins made a dash (Extra move) towards the door. He was so fast that Grisban barely see him. While carrying the poor farmers even worse off brother.

With a yell from the back lines we all new that Grom has gotten past us all and we had to re-position to still stand a chance of killing him. An impressive 11 wounds were done by all of the party apart from Grisban who was only able to have this one chance for glory as he could only just reach. But life is a painful thing as Grisban made it there but failed to connect with his swing. Having the new feeling of utter disappointment he laid down not to do anything else but watch what was to come. 

Grom damaged but not dead still had a chance to flee but being unable to make it through the door there but still happy as Grisban and Borgan could not reach Grom and he didn't believe that neither of the others would kill him.

First of Mad Carthos tried as he moved up and raised a skeleton with just enough distance to be able to have a swing and managed to scratched Grom but not take him down. Elder Mok came leaping up and was just in with his reach and he hit Grom to which managed to do enough wounds to make not only expel lots of gas (Also thanks Rob for the real life experience of this) but also take him out of action. 

So Grom was dispatched of and the brother was saved we did our jobs and came out slightly wiser and richer.

After getting to know how we worked together we were surprising a good team and Elder Mok learned a healing spell so yay more good times to come. 

With most of us being away for the Christmas period there will be a little silence from the gaming side of thing but a lot of painting updates will come.


If there is anyone in Taupo with a table and wanting to play KOW hit me up as I will be there from the 25th to the 3rd and could get some time away.

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  1. Great write up mate - looking forward to picking it up again next year.