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FaceOff games 1 to 3

This is a battle report to run people though my recent experience with the best tournament in Melbourne…….. FACE OFF ( Run by the Dwellers Below.)

By the way I am not a professional photographer so if you have problems with the quality of the fast photos or missing photos…. Suck it up.

First I will let you know that I did not bring my own army or list as my current armies are in a shipping container heading to Wellington New Zealand. So I requested if the Dweller’s could supply my an army and Nick A.K.A the father of lies took this up and supplied me with a great list to take.

This event rewards people with 100 points for having a uncontested rank in each deployment zone as well of each quarter of the table.

In the army was the following:

Huggy (a Blood Thirster so large that he was difficult to hide) with 1 greater gift and 1 lesser gift,
Gerald of Khorne who was the battle standard bearer with 1 lesser gift,
Karanak in all of his glory,
12 Bloodletters with a Musician,
12 Bloodletters with a Musician,
12 Bloodletters with a Musician,
10 Bloodletters,
30 Bloodletters with full command and the banner of swiftness,
5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne,
5 Furies with the mark of Khorne,
3 BloodCrushers with a champion and standard berrer.

Before the event started I was called out by Vivian as the very last small event we were both at we played each other only for me to lay the smack down on his no so hard Vampire army and I won that game 20-0. With this being his first tabling and second loss in a tournament he grudged me to reclaim some lost honur.

Round 1 against Vivian and his Vampire counts army rocking dual terrighiest and a not so blender lord. On this table the was 2 Idol’s of Mork or possibly Gork (re-roll failed charge distance).

While everyone was walking past looking at this match ups I was getting laughed at as dual terrighiest do a lot of damage to my army very quickly. As I won the roll of to go first this is what it looked like after my turn one:

In Vivian’s turn he advanced to meet my lines and dirvert where he needed to. In his magic and shooting phase he was able to spawn a new unit of zombies and screem 7 wounds off of the lowest most unit of bloodletters.

 Then bamn in my turn 2 Karanak and his hound buddies come to sniff the behinds of the Battle Standard berrer which was his quarry for this game, Furries moved in to blook both of the Vampires main blocks advance. The winds of magic this round was greatfull enough to provide me with a 4+ ward save for the hurt was about to dished to the hounds for being annoying.

In combat this round it saw me remove the 2 units of dogs but being unable to shift the created unit of zombies as bloodletters are that great in combat.

In Vivian’s turn 2 he turned around his knight bus his Vargiest unit and the 2 terrigeists as the soon to be would of hurt was soon to be applied to his army. His Vampire Lord’s bunker of skellies charged into the furies to clear up that menis.

In his magic phase it saw him have enough to cast too spells without being a problem as the first being re-rolls to hit and the second being re-rolls to wound. On the second spell however, he did manage to roll irresistible force on 4 dice with this a extremely low number was rolled as the vampire was struggling to stay out of the warp, the warp decided to take out a chunk out of the skeleton bunker and Dum Dum Dum………..   

Vampire lord could not stand the pulling from the warp as he was pulled to his DDOOOOOOMMM!!!
This saw very little crumbling this turn as his non Battle Standard bearer pick up the duty to hold the army together.

In my turn there I managed to charge the knights with both of the characters in with Karanak and Huggy as he flew a massive 20 inches just to complete the charge. A unit of Bloodletters went on the flank of the skeleton unit and the skull crushes battled against the current of the river and went into the zombie unit.

In combat saw Karanak issue a challenge and one of the vampire accepts. Karanak then decided he was hungry as he took the vampire apart. Huggy did what his name would suggest as his went in and squeezed so hard that 6 knights lay in piles of dust on the floor. With the flesh hounds being able to finish off the rest of the unit the last vampire had nothing else to do but vanish from this battle.

With the crumbling effect this time it saw both terrighiest’s seriously wounded with the crumbling to occur at the start of the next turn as well. From this one died and the other was seriously wounded, however this did not discourage Vivian and there was still six varghiests facing down the rear of the flesh hounds and a terrighiest to scream at Huggy.

 The scream didn’t go to plan as no wounds were done and in the combat in saw very little damage both sides and with me losing the combat I had to take a leadership test which I failed by enough to leave 2 hounds left and in this combat Karanak had taken 2 wounds.

In a last ditch effort to save the unit and Karanak, Huggy charged into the varghiest to help swing the combat.

There was no photo of after this combat as there was minimal damage done to the hounds, nothing to Karanak or Huggy and the varghiests crumbling out to the world of hurt that was brought to bear on them.

At the start of Vivian’s turn 3 the last terrighiest crumbled along with a big portion to the remaining zombie block and skeleton block crumbling he called it there as he could tell I would be only clearing out the rest of the army in short work.

With only losing 70 points for the furies this game ended out the way of the daemons 20-0. As this was his 3rd loss at a tournament and second 0 point scoring game the drinking started, which must have done wonders as he has done so well he jumped me by game 6.

During this event I have kept a tally of how good was reign of chaos…… Turns out 0 wounds were caused by it.
Round 2:

Since I have won big in the first round I feared who I would have to play in this next round as they would have had to do the same in their first paring. I drew Rhys and his Warriors of chaos with Be’lakor, Festus and Khorne battle standard on demonic mount in a unit of 5 skullcrushes. He also sported 2 units of dogs, a unit of trolls 2 chariots of nurgle and a decent block of nurgle warriors.

For people that were there yes this is the wrong deployment as we were meant to deploy with the meeting engagement rules. But with me not hearing the announcement and a bit of miscommunication we played through the whole game incorrectly. Both of our deployments were not right due to this with both of us rolling mainly 2’s and being quite far away both with combat armies.

Later on the father of lies (Nick from the dwellers) saw this as an opportunity to make me feel absolutely terrible as after game three was done I went outside for a little bit and on the way back in Nick told me on has angry Rhys was with me as he thought I have cheated him. As I would hate to lose a friend over this I went in looking for him to find out what has happened. Turns out, that was not the case as the father of lies strikes again.

Deployment saw us set up like this:

As I deployed my army first, then Rhys deployed, vanguarded and the Rhys failed to seize the initiative so I moved first. I only moved my army up slightly and repositioned units and my turn ended with that. 

In my second turn I charged the 2 units of dog with small units of bloodletters and Huggy attempted to charge the unit of warriors but failed as it was a long charge. Seeing this fail would more than likely occur I charge the flank of a chariot with harpies to stop it from going into huggy.

In combat one of the bloodletter unit kills the dogs outright where the other only kills a few and they flee. The harpies fail to hit the nurgle chariot for them to lose the combat but pass the unstable test thanks to leadership from Huggy and the chariot reforms to face.

Karanak and his hounds come up on this turn to look at the flank of the warriors.

On Rhys does turn 2 he charged the skullcrushes into the lower most bloodletter unit need an 11 which he gets without a problem. The 1 unit of fleeing dogs continues to flee and the warriors move themselves to have both Huggy and Karanak in the front of the charge that was soon to come.

In combat the skullcrushes fail to take the steadfast away from the small unit of bloodletters to find them holding them for a turn and the Chariot kills the 2 remaining furies.

In my turn 3 Huggy along with Karanak by himself charged the unit of warriors for them to hold to face down two killing machines and on the flank a unit of bloodletters went into the flank of the skullcrushers to see by adding, 12 strength 5 attacks with a flank could swing the combat in favor of the daemons.

Since we are at part of this story the gifts I rolled up on the Huggy becomes important as he has 2 extra attacks and always strike first without having to swap this for a weapon he went into combat with 9 attacks with rerolls to hit. He did 8 wounds and added damage with a thunder stomp, Karanak on the other hands went in to accept a challenge and only killed the champion.  The warriors pass the leadership test.

At the top of the board the flanking maneuver didn’t work as this time the now deplenished unit of bloodletters was cleared in that turn and the flanking unit passed the leadership test.

From here in the Chaos turn 3 both of the chariots charge into bloodletters the one of the top into the bloodletter that is in combat with the skullcrushers and the other into the middle of the field. Be’lakor manages to get mindrazor off on the warrior unit which scares me since I have key models in that combat.

The crushers with chariot assisting to kill the remaining bloodletters and the chariot in the middle fail to run straight through the bloodletters and get bogged down by them.  In the combat with the warriors, a challenge was issued by Huggy that was accepted by Festus. Huggy promptly slays Festus and Karanak takes a few wounds but the warriors hold due to being steadfast.

In my next turn I charge in the with the flesh hounds on the flank of the warriors and the blood letter unit in the middle goes into the flank of the chariot in the middle of the table. 

This round of combat see’s the chariot dies and the charging unit overruns out of the trolls line of sight and the other bloodletter reformed in a fashion that if the trolls charged the blood letter unit they would remain in the big unit of blood letters line of sight for a counter charge.

In the combat with Huggy the warriors get him down to his last wound and Karanak dies however in return the warriors a cut down close to no one left and then fled and caught. 

This must have been when both of us decides to conserve point as the trolls walk right past all of the bloodletters and Be’lakor flies out of all line of sight. This is when we start this dance, being cast pit of shades on Huggy do I roll a 6 ….. No, OK Huggy is still on 1 wound.

This happens for the last three turns of the games with the only other combat being flesh hounds against dogs. 

At the end of the game and with Huggy still being alive on 1 wound the game ended a 13-7 when the extra points for table quarters and deployments sides were added.

The reign of chaos this game saw 4 wounds to my opponent and 4 wounds to me throughout the game.

With me now sitting on 33 points so far I was placed against Bucket with his Ogres.

He was running something similar to what I like to run with ogres with a LVL 4 Heaven Slaughter master, LVL 2 Butcher, Bruiser with battle standard in 9 guts with a discipline banner, 2 units of 3 ores, 8 leadbelchers with musician, 2 saber tusks, 4 mournfangs and an iron blaster.

The deployment was battle for the pass with me taking the end with all of the houses as I won the roll to choose.

 With me winning the roll off for first turn once again it saw me advance fast on both sides of the board with the centre only moving slowly to eliminate an first turn charges. I move Huggy behind a wall to hopefully protect him from the cannon ball that would soon fly his way. Which was everything that happened in my turn apart from rolling a 6 on the reign of chaos which did 3 wounds off of the mournfang?

On Bucket’s turn 1 he only reshuffled his army a little bit but kept his formation relatively the same. He managed to cast comet in his magic phase which his paced in front of the big block of bloodletters to halt there advance. The cannon let loose only to hit into the wall which took it smashed it to little pieces and Huggy remaining unhurt.

Turn 2 came up with no charges being declared from me however, Huggy was able to advance to be able to hide behind some impassable terrain which blocked the iron blaster from being able to shoot at me again (thank you terrain). This saw Huggy staring down 3 mornfang that would certainly be able to get the charge. The rest of my army pushed up on the flanks but held back in the middle. Karanak and his hounds managed to come on the back of the board this turn to look at the rear of the leadbelchers and the iron blaster. The comet came down in the magic phase but failed to reach anyone.

Turn 2 for the Ogres saw the mornfang charge Huggy but with the positioning was only able to get 2 into combat. With the rest of movements it saw the block of iron guts move up in line to the impassable terrain and the leadbelchers turned around to face Karanak and the hounds which was the same thing that the iron blaster has done. In magic it saw stubborn being casted on the mournfangs, ice shard blizzard on Huggy and  harmonic convergent being casted on the leadbelchers who then proceeded to shoot and take down a few of the hounds, the iron blaster chose to grape shot the same target as he was too close to consider targeting Karanak out of the unit.
 In combat Huggy only manage to take down one mornfang thanks to armor/parry saves, but they failed to hit or wound Huggy with any attacks yet only being down by 1 they held by being stubborn.
In turn 3 Karanak and the flesh hounds went into the Ironblaster being and the bloodletter managed to go in against the flank of the morunfangs. The battle line started to move up as there was no more comet in the way, but still stayed out of the iron guts max charge distance. Now each of the flanks are into range to change next turn. In the combat with Karanak it saw the Blaster being taken down to only having one wound which in return it did zero and fled and was caught, which panicked a sabretusk and 3 ogres off of the board. Huggy and the bloodletter failed to even kill a Mornfang by only doing 1 wounds but took no damage in return and they held again.
With Karanak’s over run it didn’t take them outside of the line of sight of the leadbelchers which now charged them in the rear and making it easily. With on the opposite side a charge was declared on a small unit of bloodletter but rolled a double 1’s to come up short. 
In magic saw iceshard blizzard cast on Huggy and an irresistible force stubborn spell on the morunfangs. In the combat the lead belchers going straight through the flesh hounds and the mournfang now only being 1 model left held due to being stubborn.
In my turn 4 the unit of 10 bloodletters failed to make it in against the 3 ogres on the flank, but saw the bloodcrushers set themselves for a counter charge. The furies flew over the combat to block the leadbelchers from charging into the flank of the bloodletters if they fail to kill a mournfang for another round.
Within return the ogres of the flank making it in against the bloodletters and the leadbelchers moving out of Huggy’s line of sight by moving backwards. The furies then proceed to fail all of the ward saves when the leadbelchers opened up on them and the bloodletters vanish in the combat with the ogres due to a bad leadership roll.
In my turn 5 saw the bloodcrushers go into the ogres without needing to roll.  The bloodletters up the top of the board with Huggy poked their head around the corner of the terrain so they will be able to see the leadbelchers in the final turn. In combat the bloodcrushers broke the ogres and caught them in the process.
However, in Bucket’s turn 5 the leadbelchers charged the bloodletter that were in front of Huggy. Then in magic we saw harmonic being cast on the leadbelchers which allowed them to go through the bloodletter and over run into Huggy.
In the last turn very little happened on each side with the leadbelchers doing nothing to Huggy and in return he was unable to break the steadfast that they had.
When tallying it up it turns out to be an 11-9 to the daemons thanks to the extra point of holding table quarters/deployments. With the reign of chaos picking itself another 6 wounds to now have the total being 10 wounds to my opponents and 4 wounds to myself.
This was the end of day one and at the end of this day the Dwellers added half of the comp added to the battle points, this saw me on table one going into day 2.
Keep tuned for game 4-6.

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