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Game 4 VS Sam

Game 4 at Face Off.
Where (since to my Comp bonus) I was playing on the top table with my soft army against Sam and his Bret army. 

Since I am typing this up quite some time after Face Off I am not 100% sure what was in his list but it was something like. Lord on Pegasus with HKB, Lord on horse, 2 damsels on horse both on life, Battle standard bearer with a handful more characters like a hero on Pegasus, A big block of knight of the realm, a big block of knight errant, 3 units of 3 Pegasus knights, 2 units of 10 archers and 2 trebuchets.

For this game we will be using the deployment for the blood and glory scenario but not using any of the rules for it. 

Even before we deployed I was up against a hard thought, do I try to hand back not giving the Bret’s a first turn charge or do I place Huggy on the front line and hope that they pray so I get a turn to move. I decided to take the gamble and Huggy went on the front line.
Deployment looked like this:
After deployment Sam decided to pray and the game started with me gaining first turn again. 

Turn 1:
Throwing care to the wind I advance Huggy out of sight of both of the blocks, then did a dick move to stop the advance of the block on the right with harpies and moved up the units on the same side to have the Skullcrushers advance to a point they can support the following turn.

With the Reign of Chaos this turn it saw me raise a new unit of bloodletters behind the Bret’s line to have them staring down a Trebuchet and some archers….. Who doesn’t love free units that don’t give up any points. 

In Sam’s turn the Pegasus Knights protecting the Trebuchet’s charged Huggy, the archers charged the flank of the Harpies and the Hero on Pegasus charged pass the Harpies and went straight into the crushers. Magic saw throne of fines on one of the mages and shooting saw a few wounds off of the big block of Bloodletters. 

Combat saw the Harpies loose to the charging archers but roll low for their leadership test and still exist. The one in the middle of the table the Pegasus hero was challenged out by the skullcrusher champion for no wounds to be placed on each other and me with a standard but no musician it ended a draw.
In the combat with Huggy and the Peg Knights, Huggy performed really well and put  wounds on the champion who challenged him out….. However, the champion then passed all of the 5+ armour saves but the champion didn’t do any wounds in return and Huggy lost by the charge. Huggy then passed the leadership test and nothing really happened.
In my turn 2, I charged the flank of the Peg Hero with a unit of Bloodletters to add combat res and the free bloodletter unit at the back of the field charged one of the trebuchet. In magic I forgot to dispel the Throne of vines and this will occur a few times through out the game. 

In combat it saw a few wounds happen to both the skullcrusher champion and the Pegasus hero however, even with the flank and charge bonuses he held on a really low roll. With the bloodletters and the trebuchet a few wounds were caused to the trebuchet but didn’t die and held on a re-rollable 6 leadership test.
This time Huggy tore apart the champion and the remaining Peg Knights fled in front of the main block, Huggy restrained from pursuing them.  The harpies and the archers waved at eachother with nothing happening in that combat.
Into Sam’s turn 2 he declared a few charges, the knights on the right went into the left over harpies, the archers on the other flank went into the bloodletter fighting the trebuchet and a unit of Peg Knights went into the flank of the Skullcrushers. Magic saw the remaining trebuchet with a toughness boost for the on coming charge from Huggy. 

One thing I could not have stop was the overrun from the knights actually making it the distance to the bloodletters on the flank of the Peg Hero, which is exactly what happened.

Combat saw not much happened to the three way combat between the trebuchet, archers and bloodletters. The big combat in the middle saw the skullcrusher pop due to a bad leadership roll and the bloodletters crumble down to a single man.
On to Turn 3 and a small unit of bloodletters made a charge on the Peg Hero that only has one wound left and Huggy did charge the Trebuchet, this turn Karanak and his buddies appeared on the board behind the bus of knights. 

Straight into combat the archers against the bloodletters lost a few but held. Huggy could not get through the tough Trebuchet and it past the break test and in the middle of the board the solo bloodletter die, the Peg Hero died and the unit of bloodletters at the front over ran straight into the front of the knight block.

In Sam’s turn it saw a unit of Peg Knights going into the flesh hounds and the knight face the flesh hounds to counter charge. In magic the damsel in the engaged unit took a turn for the worse as she proceeded to blow up most of her unit with a miscast. 

Into combat Huggy killed the Trebuchet, the Peg Kights died down to a man and passed the break test. The archers this turn fled from the unit of bloodletter who can go back to attacking the Trebuchet. Now in the middle of the table Sam made way with all of the remaining characters in the unit which was a lord, champ, and a hero if I remember correctly. They do minimal damage to the bloodletters who in return killing blowed all 3 of them which made the rest of the unit flee and was cut down in short reply and hit into the flank of the archers. 

In my turn 4 there was little movement as Huggy lined up with the flank of the block as if Karanak was to live from the Heroic killing blow general he will make short work of the unit. The Bloodletter killed of the remaining Trebuchet and the archers were killed outright which allowed them to reform to face the unit as well, then Karanak killed the remaining Peg Knight to be free until next turn.
In his turn the unit went in and saw them being +3 Toughness due to throne of vines combo magic phase. The archers rallied and faced the soon to charge Bloodletter unit. 

In combat there was a challenge from Karanak to limit the number of attacks going towards him, this was taken up by the general who made short work of him by slicing him in half with 1 strike. The flesh hounds did hold there ground however what was required happened.

In my turn 5 and 6 I backed away from that unit with the rest of my army as yes I could go in however, I was not willing to take the chance. There was a possibility that I could have taken them off but, with the static combat res that the unit has and the possibility of killing Huggy in a turn as there was no one else to accept a challenge. I didn’t want to take the chance and loose the position I was in. 

Sam got the rest of the Flesh hounds but that was that and the game was over. 

Turns out the Daemons walked away with the win as I still held the majority of my points and a extra table quarter, it ended a 11-9 my way.

I still don't know if charging would have been the correct thing to do as I new what I needed to aim for each game is to draw to place quite highly.

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