Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Game 6 VS Jonathan

Game 6 VS Jonathan Villa. 

(There were not many photos of this game as it was game six and it at this point I was exhausted)

This game has been a long time coming and I have seen Jonathan around for a little while now and he has been steadily improving his warhammer skills and to play against him in game 6 was a great way to see how far he has come
I also felt great at this point as going into this game and being on one of the top tables told me that if I drew, there would still be a chance of placing which was way beyond where I thought I would be at this event. 

He was sporting an Ogre list which was something like. Slaughter master level 4 on Beast, Bruiser is the Battle Standard Bearer, Butcher on the Maw, Fire belly. Then for the rest of the army there was 9 Guts with the banner of discipline, 6 ogres with ironfists, 4 Leadbelchers, 2 Mournfangs, 8 Scouting Maneaters, 2 sabertusks and a Blaster.

As it was game six there it was battleline with deployment like this:
The Man eaters went down in front of the skull crushers, then with the roll to go first going to the daemons again the game began. 

 My turn 1 was quick with me advancing like normal and that was everything.

In Jonathan’s turn 1 the Man eaters charged the skullcrushers and moved the rest of his lines forward. With little happening in magic and shooting we go straight onto combat which saw the skullcrushers die to the weight of the charging Man eaters.

In my turn 2 it saw Huggy charge the 4 Leadbelchers which fled but didn’t make it away from him. There was not much more movement but Karanak did come on this turn and the furies blocked off the mournfangs. 

In Jonathan’s turn 2 the Man eaters charged the small block of Bloodletter and the Mournfang went into the furies. There was a little shuffle forward and the Blaster lined up with Huggy to see if he can get lucky. Turns out this time the Blaster was not able to perform the killing grace on Huggy. In combat the furies died and the lower bloodletters held with a low roll on the break test. However, there was not many of them left. 

This is where the photos failed to occur. 

In my turn 3 Huggy went into and killed the Blaster, Karanak went into the Ogres. Huggy killed the Blaster outright and so did Karanak with the flesh hounds which in turn panicked the Mournfang off of the board. The Man eaters cleaned up the rest of the bloodletters down the bottom on the field.
In the Ogre’s turn 3 there was not much movement only trying to gain a further foothold with the Gutstar without providing too many flanks. Magic saw the boosted plus 3 toughness go off on all of the characters in the Gutstar.

With the Daemons turn 4 the worst thing possible occurred, Karank and the flesh hounds failed a frenzy check and went into the flank of the Gutstar and I was like NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!..... Due to this turn of events it would see this turn the game from a win back to a draw. In combat the Characters made way and then the flesh hounds did very little damage and lost combat but held for this turn at least.  

For the remaining of the game I stalled the advance of the Guts by placing small units of blood letter in front of them and huggy spent the rest of the game chasing Man eater the fled to the edge of the board but was able to rally on turn 6. This was the state at the end of the game:

It was a hard fought game with a key issue of the list failing at the key moment of the game. 

However, it was enough for me to manage to get a 10-10 draw which I was happy with. 

Upon looking around the top tables I was able to see that Same 20’d the #dogstar, Charles did well and got 17 (if I remember correctly) and Rhys was on table 3 and did bad things to Vivan (who I played in game 1. He took some pointers and 20’d a lot of people to get back above me by game 6.)
This put me on a 20, 13, 11, 11, 7, 10 which put me on a total of 72 Battle points which was a great result for the list that I was using and I was not expecting to be this high. It turns out that I didn’t get the best Daemon player as Chris Penwarden had more battle points then me but with the comp bonus it saw me take second place. 

Top 3 were:
Sam Morgan
Greg Greenfield
Charles Black

It was a fantastic event with the Dwellers pushing the level of tournaments in Australia to a new high. I am over the moon that this will be my last big event in Australia for a while as I currently am in the process of packing to leave to “Greener fields” (Mr strength 2.5’s quote) of in New Zealand, as I would have hated to miss this one and I recommend everyone to come to this one in the future.
I would also like to thank all of my opponents as they all were fantastic to play against, this even includes Sam this time.

On a little side note over the weekend I wrote down the results of the Reign of Chaos which over these 6 games which is only a small snap shot it did a total of 21 wounds 10 of which was to myself. Apart from rolling eye closed the next most common roll that I had was the +1 Ward save, however this would be normally rolled at turn 1 or 2 when it was not needed.  After playing with this with non-magic army I feel that it is a bad system and it is unreliable for a tournament player.
The one result I loved was the rolls of 12 that I had to spawn new units… However, this changed my game plan after the game has started which can be a major setback, as I was not expecting it and never considered it occurring.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Face off Game 5

On to game 5 where lucky me I am still on the top table and I get to play against Mr Charles Black and his Warriors of Chaos. 

His army was slightly different then a normal list as it was more like a MMU warriors using Skyla, an un-killable sorcerer lord, Daemonic mounted Battle Standard Bearer, another mage and then small units of Marauders being on foot and mounted, then a big unit of trolls and some other bits and pieces. 

Upon going through this match up in my head I didn’t like it as much as I would want to as my army would be bogged down by nothing units and then counted by stuff that will destroy me in combat.
The deployment for this one is meeting engagement which was done correctly this time. With deployment looking like this. 

After vanguards the Daemons won the roll for first time again I could not being I have gone first this many times at a tournament. 

My first time I have been able to charge Huggy into a small unit of marauders, with the Reign of Chaos it saw me raise a new unit of Bloodletters again….. Yay…. This was placed at the back of the on coming hoard. 

Huggy made short work of the unit of marauders and this was the end of my turn.

In Charles’s turn 1 he was able to get his mage past Huggy to keep him safe. His dog units moved to block up the advance of all of the bloodletters and turned some of his army to deal with the free bloodletters that have appeared. 

In magic it saw Gateway was cast on the unit of Crushers that I had on the right to see 7 strength 9 hits, that with a few failed to wound and a lot ward saved it saw me only taking 1 wound. Since there was no combat the end of the turn look liked this…. Sorry for the bad photo.

In my second turn Huggy charged to have the Marauders and dogs flee, which the Marauders fled off of the table. The big unit of bloodletter charged the fleeing dogs that went off of the table then redirected into another unit of dogs. In the middle a smaller unit of bloodletter went in to but another unit of dogs. Karanak came on the board at the back (this was a silly mistake that costed me these points) and the rest moved up slightly.  

For the Reign of Chaos…. BAM another new unit of Bloodletters…. Such a broken tool. I used it to block Scryla from getting into the flesh hounds. In combat everything I touched died to the might of Khorne.

In Charles’s turn 2 at the back of the table booth of the free bloodletter unit was charged and the rest of army repositioned itself. Very little happened in magic and both combat saw the bloodletter loose however they stuck around. 

In Daemons turn 3 Karanak and the flesh hounds charged the blocking dogs a unit of bloodletters made a charge on the flank of the shaggoth and Huggy made a charge onto a gorebeast chariot.  Then I had a brain fart rather then moving back the big block of bloodletters out of the charge range of the Marauders I left them there (monumental stuff up). The rest of my lines on the right advanced.

This is where things started to go badly, Karanak ate the hounds but didn’t overrun the 7 inch’s that was required to get into the general, both of the small free units of bloodletters died and Huggy only put a few wounds on the chariot but it passed its re rollable leadership test on a 6 (if I remember correctly). In the middle of the field though changing bloodletter wounded the shaggoth quite well and won combat but we all kind of just got stuck there. 

This is what happens when you make a silly mistake that can be avoided.
That is correct in the Warriors turn Charles charged the warriors out of the way, to allow the tolls to go past and into Huggy on the flank. Skylar went into Karanak with a Gorebeast chariot and there was a little more shifting around. Very little was happening in magic as the skullcrushers kept passing ward saves but they were slowly passing away.

In combat with Huggy killed the chariot however in return a few wounds were caused to him. He passed a leadership test and still exists… For now. Karanak and the flesh hounds nearly all died to the oncoming onslaught from Skylar and the chariot but was left with . In the middle of the table the Saggoth finished off a unit of bloodletter however, there is not many wounds left on him. 

Turn 4 saw the big unit of bloodletter charge the Marauders which fled off of the board to keep the trolls alive, the unit next to them charged into the other that held, another unit charged the Shaggoth and the bloodcrusher declared a long charge on a unit of horses which they made.

In combat the shaggoth died, Huggy was holding on and the Flesh Hounds were done. 

In the last few turns Huggy died and the trolls got rear charged by a unit of bloodletters and fled off of the board and the skullcrushers died to a charging un killable sorcerer lord on disc.  The end of the game looked like this:
With Huggy and Karank both dead and being a lot of points this game ended a 13-7 against and a big congratulation to Mr Black for being the only person to beat this brutally over powered army.  

Monday, 9 June 2014

Game 4 VS Sam

Game 4 at Face Off.
Where (since to my Comp bonus) I was playing on the top table with my soft army against Sam and his Bret army. 

Since I am typing this up quite some time after Face Off I am not 100% sure what was in his list but it was something like. Lord on Pegasus with HKB, Lord on horse, 2 damsels on horse both on life, Battle standard bearer with a handful more characters like a hero on Pegasus, A big block of knight of the realm, a big block of knight errant, 3 units of 3 Pegasus knights, 2 units of 10 archers and 2 trebuchets.

For this game we will be using the deployment for the blood and glory scenario but not using any of the rules for it. 

Even before we deployed I was up against a hard thought, do I try to hand back not giving the Bret’s a first turn charge or do I place Huggy on the front line and hope that they pray so I get a turn to move. I decided to take the gamble and Huggy went on the front line.
Deployment looked like this:
After deployment Sam decided to pray and the game started with me gaining first turn again. 

Turn 1:
Throwing care to the wind I advance Huggy out of sight of both of the blocks, then did a dick move to stop the advance of the block on the right with harpies and moved up the units on the same side to have the Skullcrushers advance to a point they can support the following turn.

With the Reign of Chaos this turn it saw me raise a new unit of bloodletters behind the Bret’s line to have them staring down a Trebuchet and some archers….. Who doesn’t love free units that don’t give up any points. 

In Sam’s turn the Pegasus Knights protecting the Trebuchet’s charged Huggy, the archers charged the flank of the Harpies and the Hero on Pegasus charged pass the Harpies and went straight into the crushers. Magic saw throne of fines on one of the mages and shooting saw a few wounds off of the big block of Bloodletters. 

Combat saw the Harpies loose to the charging archers but roll low for their leadership test and still exist. The one in the middle of the table the Pegasus hero was challenged out by the skullcrusher champion for no wounds to be placed on each other and me with a standard but no musician it ended a draw.
In the combat with Huggy and the Peg Knights, Huggy performed really well and put  wounds on the champion who challenged him out….. However, the champion then passed all of the 5+ armour saves but the champion didn’t do any wounds in return and Huggy lost by the charge. Huggy then passed the leadership test and nothing really happened.
In my turn 2, I charged the flank of the Peg Hero with a unit of Bloodletters to add combat res and the free bloodletter unit at the back of the field charged one of the trebuchet. In magic I forgot to dispel the Throne of vines and this will occur a few times through out the game. 

In combat it saw a few wounds happen to both the skullcrusher champion and the Pegasus hero however, even with the flank and charge bonuses he held on a really low roll. With the bloodletters and the trebuchet a few wounds were caused to the trebuchet but didn’t die and held on a re-rollable 6 leadership test.
This time Huggy tore apart the champion and the remaining Peg Knights fled in front of the main block, Huggy restrained from pursuing them.  The harpies and the archers waved at eachother with nothing happening in that combat.
Into Sam’s turn 2 he declared a few charges, the knights on the right went into the left over harpies, the archers on the other flank went into the bloodletter fighting the trebuchet and a unit of Peg Knights went into the flank of the Skullcrushers. Magic saw the remaining trebuchet with a toughness boost for the on coming charge from Huggy. 

One thing I could not have stop was the overrun from the knights actually making it the distance to the bloodletters on the flank of the Peg Hero, which is exactly what happened.

Combat saw not much happened to the three way combat between the trebuchet, archers and bloodletters. The big combat in the middle saw the skullcrusher pop due to a bad leadership roll and the bloodletters crumble down to a single man.
On to Turn 3 and a small unit of bloodletters made a charge on the Peg Hero that only has one wound left and Huggy did charge the Trebuchet, this turn Karanak and his buddies appeared on the board behind the bus of knights. 

Straight into combat the archers against the bloodletters lost a few but held. Huggy could not get through the tough Trebuchet and it past the break test and in the middle of the board the solo bloodletter die, the Peg Hero died and the unit of bloodletters at the front over ran straight into the front of the knight block.

In Sam’s turn it saw a unit of Peg Knights going into the flesh hounds and the knight face the flesh hounds to counter charge. In magic the damsel in the engaged unit took a turn for the worse as she proceeded to blow up most of her unit with a miscast. 

Into combat Huggy killed the Trebuchet, the Peg Kights died down to a man and passed the break test. The archers this turn fled from the unit of bloodletter who can go back to attacking the Trebuchet. Now in the middle of the table Sam made way with all of the remaining characters in the unit which was a lord, champ, and a hero if I remember correctly. They do minimal damage to the bloodletters who in return killing blowed all 3 of them which made the rest of the unit flee and was cut down in short reply and hit into the flank of the archers. 

In my turn 4 there was little movement as Huggy lined up with the flank of the block as if Karanak was to live from the Heroic killing blow general he will make short work of the unit. The Bloodletter killed of the remaining Trebuchet and the archers were killed outright which allowed them to reform to face the unit as well, then Karanak killed the remaining Peg Knight to be free until next turn.
In his turn the unit went in and saw them being +3 Toughness due to throne of vines combo magic phase. The archers rallied and faced the soon to charge Bloodletter unit. 

In combat there was a challenge from Karanak to limit the number of attacks going towards him, this was taken up by the general who made short work of him by slicing him in half with 1 strike. The flesh hounds did hold there ground however what was required happened.

In my turn 5 and 6 I backed away from that unit with the rest of my army as yes I could go in however, I was not willing to take the chance. There was a possibility that I could have taken them off but, with the static combat res that the unit has and the possibility of killing Huggy in a turn as there was no one else to accept a challenge. I didn’t want to take the chance and loose the position I was in. 

Sam got the rest of the Flesh hounds but that was that and the game was over. 

Turns out the Daemons walked away with the win as I still held the majority of my points and a extra table quarter, it ended a 11-9 my way.

I still don't know if charging would have been the correct thing to do as I new what I needed to aim for each game is to draw to place quite highly.